strange and even stranger how it gets to be the same
doing a thing gets to be where I don't mind at all
candle light on the table and the faces in the frame
dust and shadows and the clock up on the wall

in the diners and cafes
in the bars waiting for a thing to change
some other heaven sometime today
waiting on nature to take a thing away

people spread out all around and whatever put them there
get up again tomorrow and make everything alright
someone else's hometown in a room somewhere
color of whiskey changing in the light

when the memories flood my brain
no use trying to stop a train
and the perfume left behind
waiting on nature somewhere in my mind

what kind of fool what kind of heart would even care to break
what mouth would open when there's no name to call
the wind hits the water and the water starts to shake
can't make out the words of voices down the hall

there's a rumbling in a thunder cloud
I'm in the truck talking out loud
the sun rises again somehow
waiting on nature or whatever happens now