in the sort of state I've often found myself
a servant in his master's bad books
worry distorts what actually happens
and my presence of mind gets shook

decency can be harder to find than one might think
some of us are all money and no class
drown out the beating of a frantic heart
let the reckless passion pass

deception is the lie of the land
best to conceal your love
plenty of people to talk you into something
they won't stick around to help you out of

strange how self-respect can lead to monstrous disregard for others
up and move off the grid I've got half a mind to
if you don't put yourself in harm's way
harm may never find you

my dear friend was a young man when he caught his death
his unavoidable destiny
he was sent packing and my own affairs
are a matter of some urgency

try and be anything than what you are and see where it gets you
it takes some time to figure yourself out
when we talk about him now no one says his name
we all know who we're talking about

in my time I've made some bad things worse
you don't have to explain yourself to me
even the keepers of innocent intentions
are susceptible to flattery

well they divvied it up and we all got a piece
they say you can kill a man with a checkbook or an arrow and bow
I don't know what to do with my only given life
I'm gonna put things where I think they should go

no protection from all that will be done
heaven won't preserve us from our fate
I'm outside my range in a fraudulent deal
nothing to do but wait

it gives me no great pleasure I don't relish the prospect
on this particular occasion the worst is true
I got one day more above ground
and I'm gonna spend it with you

 — Can't Reason Through Love