I got a woman and she’s got a thing for me
we’ve got our reasons
we have a good time I like her next to me
our love is pleasing

there was an old time when you were everything
and we felt the season
I hope the next time when you run into me
it won’t be freezing

sometimes this city it gets so loud it wears on me
and you can’t do but shut down
it would take a jet plane fly in and land on me
to make me come around

when we sleep at her place we gotta pull the bed out
space here's expensive
when we stay at my house we gotta take the train out
and it’s time intensive

I had a friend who got back in touch with me
she said she'd found Jesus
she sounded different and we talked a long time
about what’s been troubling us

I ain’t ever fought none ain’t ever hit a man
haven’t felt the need to
though I've said my share of such sad and hurtful things
when I did not mean to

my grandma's one of about fourteen children
one of the oldest
and my dad was not from both her and her husband
though he never told us

when I come upon faceless anxieties
I try to trace them
I’m all alone here I’m out on my own dear
where did you come from?

I’ve ended up where I’ve ended up
and there have been some bad deals
let’s do some good let's be done some good by
let's see how some good feels

gone is Bo Diddley gone is my grandpa
they had their heyday
I will run into someone I know today
I miss the freeway

 — Can't Reason Through Love