I was thinking of you my dear
hottest day of the year
like nothing in this sensible world

shaking my head
at all that'd been said
at all that I'd heard

it hangs in the air
like it was painted there

been crying in my sleeve
like you wouldn't believe
like nothing in this sensible world

this side of the wall
nothing moves at all
but the shadows of birds

and I know in my heart
I'm a small part
of something mostly yours

it plays out in scenes
what little it means

I try to forget
I haven't yet
for this sensible world

there must be
for you and for me
something in this sensible world

nothing I could do
to spare you
what we deserved

it was high noon
then a full moon

we rode all day
and I'm sorry to say
there's nothing in this sensible world

the time is gone
when life passed smoothly on
in this sensible world

I was a boy
in Union, Illinois
and you a girl

what I had
has gone bad

I disappear
I'm still here
in this sensible world