my love is pinball tilt
my love is systems fail
wrap my love in butcher paper
you can tip the scale with my love

I gave you my love you couldn't see it's worth
didn't know what it was for
I ain't gonna roll that wheel no more

runaround Sue me and you are through
I've had enough of as I say not as I do
I know you read that letter you broke the seal
I think sick girl needs a Cuban heel

Jack Frost can't stand to be alone
the only men you can stand can't stand on their own

deep down inside where you seldom go
this that and the other thing
you can be a nomad forever and a day
there will always be a place

if you ever get dragged through the mud and the rain
maybe you'll learn compassion for others in pain

I want a woman I can believe in
I want a woman with depth of feeling
who can handle the dead of night
and what flashes across the ceiling

you're mean you might be crazy
one day you're gonna be a mean old lady

get your thrills down in the shadowland
feel a rush on the periphery
I shake my head I wring me hands
girl you gotta be kidding me

it's not your fault you don't feel what others feel
but I ain't gonna roll that wheel

I ain't gonna roll that wheel
I ain't gonna roll that wheel

 — Life With Others (Part II)