across the street they're at it again
mouthing off in each other's faces
I'm getting close to calling it in
though I know it ain't none of my business

out across the country out across a game of chess
an unhappy family has its own form of unhappiness

too much information too readily known
too much skin on top of too little bone
you couldn't call it work when nothing resists
I'll tell you what it is it ain't none of my business

he's a grown man and oh how it suits him
still a lot of land left for this man to stick his boots in

she was mine to lose and I lost her
I came back and she took me back
over another who must have thought she was his
I'm not sure what she said it ain't none of my business

they're remaking a movie, they're reviving a play
ain't it all the rage these days? talk about integrity

I got stuff I could say but tell me what for?
I'm taking everything that isn't screwed to the floor
it ain't my neck out there getting kissed
mail me a check it ain't none of my business

god what a joke can't even tell who the joke's on
is it them country folk? can't even tell if it's a joke

when you read why is it you read?
and your friends what is it makes them your friends?
tell me a story about someone you miss
tell me something that ain't none of my business

we're on the back of a turtle and the turtle goes around
ain't nothing under this tortoise it's turtles all the way down

we can keep talking about what it is we expect
what is was that we wanted what it was that we didn't get
be still it all just the way that it is
is it too late call or is it none of my business?

 — Life With Others (Part I)