doing things I don't know anything about
trying to fit in where I don't belong
never had reason to doubt
'til something better came along

two people out at sea
getting sick of each other
avoid one catastrophe
and you walk right into another

I don't keep a diary
I've never seen a shrink
if you assume it turns me on when you lie to me
you're worse at this than you think

I blew my cover
she said I would
a bloodthirsty lover
never did anyone any good

I'm underground
I've got sand in my head
anyone standing around
could end up in my bed

caught up in a whirlwind
got her soft skin burned
I heard she's someone's girlfriend
guess I'll have to wait my turn

put on your gloves and scrub me
under a slow-turning fan
don't tell me that you love me
and then treat me like a backup plan

you can't stop getting older
pray you still have some friends
she quotes what I told her
I can never go back again

the hostel they got high in
the only time he ever slapped you
I wanted her to stop crying
so I said what I had to

a Gideon Bible
and a smoker's cough
those who announce their arrival
have always pissed me off

he's good enough for my daughter
his mother's always in the paper
as long as they live in the house I bought her
he can tie her up and videotape her

I'll tell you how it's gonna be
I've thought it through
I can't pull myself out of my misery
I'm depending on you

there's a hole in my cup
fire in my shoes
anytime his name comes up
it's never good news

it was my turn to be free
I did what I wanted to do
you're not me
I don't care what happens to you

I can be forgiving
of a certain flaw
she was just living
by her natural law

she'll tell you I'm deranged
that's not the case
people act strange
when they're not in the right place

put no one above them
whatever you do
don't tell them you love them
when it's no longer true

 — Can't Reason Through Love