when the time allowed and the weather would permit
we'd pack a lunch we'd make a day of it
the best things in life are getting better still

I thought long and thought hard 'bout what it was I'd say
times are tough but we're gonna be okay
I'm gonna roll with you down that next grassy hill
I got a new bad habit but I let an old one go
I'm still learning what I already know
my love for you will continue to grow

the sun reflected off the walls of glass
it's been a long day but now it's passed
the buildings are empty but the lights are still on

my sense of direction left me here
if I knew where I was I would disappear
I just had a thought but now it too is gone

I eat my food in the sweat of my brow
I had things I could do I can do other things now
my love for you great as a heart can allow

every expression passing strange
I'm in and I'm out of familiar exchange
taking note of what I find to be true

I heard music so I wandered inside
singer was singing 'bout tears she had cried
the music was good and I cried too

the moon is drifting into the galaxy
I'm trying to get to where I'm supposed to be
my love for you will survive me

walking along the halls of men
I'm in the future of where I've been
my love for you started all over again