you don't think
why aren't you on medicine?
I need a drink
and I ain't gonna pay for it

you speak only
of lonely hard times
how you want to own something
and sell your new record

why do you call my friends
when you got your own?
why do they call my house?
honey you don't live here no more

you did it on your own
accepted every loan
you say that you're far from home
me I say you're broken

there's one I need to call
same one you need to call
she was real good to us all
and that used to mean something

man tries to get ahead
put down what's in his head
let's keep the covers on the bed
let's paint a picture of something

do you remember Paris?
I remember Paris
I just met this girl from Paris
and boy she looks like a dream

you were a dream back then
you were a dream before
when I wasn't every other man
and when you did not need me

you will be on the road
and I will be on the road
you will go with your sister
and I will go with a band

gonna see them states again
pass different plates again
note change in gas rates
and the landscapes of the South

what about the books we read?
what about the doubts we fed?
there were a few leads
that we followed all the way through to the end

I ain't looking for lessons here
I do not need meaning
give me a CD to spin
let's make it something I can dance to

you say that you want to see me again
go ahead
you know where to find me
at least who you call me

I always liked
what you said that you saw in me
it's like the love you gave
honey it's just something you said

right now I'm right here
right now I'm thinking of you
right now I'm in it for me
but I'm thinking of you too

take care your winter health
don't listen to anyone
beware your best intentions
and what no one mentions

 — Can't Reason Through Love