up all night a difficult decision
I've been convincing and I've been convinced
got everything is packed up and lined along the hallway
we said some things that don't make much sense

I've been in and out of love with you
I've been known to be a hard one to please
they got this saying they don't make them like they used to
I've been carrying it with me like a disease

wind up the year get ready for the next one
spin all them records spin that good stuff
any minute now someone's gonna start something
they'll let you know when they have had enough

I can see my heart through a clearing in the distance
I hear the dinner bell ringing in my head
took down the memory from the place where it had hung
I know the difference between a tool and a shed

I took apart what I knew needed fixing
I'm looking now at what I couldn't see before
somewhere in desert someone all we'd hoped to be
there is an island and it isn't an island anymore

come on let's do it baby line them all up
we'll take our time we'll go one by lonely one
in town too long to take notice of the details
but long enough to know it's all been done

 — Life With Others (Part II)