her hand's in her pocket my hand's in her pocket
we stand like that for sometime
I'm singing her an old song a real good one
wish I could say it was mine

I'm pulling her closer talking over her shoulder
into a black of space
with the white light blinking
on the wing of a leaving plane

trains coming and going trains sound like the ocean
the birds are fish in the sky
sun up on the rooftop
she feels good and so do I

I'm leaning over the railing and I getting the feeling
maybe this is my year
yellow newsprint covered in shoe print
keeps blowing around here

my kite string snaps it's never coming back
it's off to god knows where
flying over the water flying over a mirror
just a kite without a care

I give her a squeeze I got ten or twelve keys
still left on my key ring
my thumb has a thumb print my gum has tropical twist
lover I'm a living thing

lover I'm a living thing
lover I'm a living

she laughs at something I said she throws back her head
she throws a wrench in the gears
the world marks a sea change in my rib cage
and right between my ears

the shape of the buildings the shapeless beginnings
in an orange blood red
all of the universe's power in this time that's ours
god give me life in my head

life in my, life in my….
life in my head