I was running fast there were people I passed
I pushed just as hard as I could
I was walking along and something went wrong
light didn't come from where it should

a new train I live near new route took me here
I'm out on a street I know
didn't read through the news didn't listen to tunes
I sat and I let my mind go

the familiar we turn to is in me and in you
haven't we been through enough to know such
the dream that I had drove me right mad
it was a lot but it was not too much

the sun has set and though we're not there yet
the stars are starting to show
today was the last tomorrow had passed
as I lay and I let my mind go

there's a time that will come like the time we came from
I know it but it doesn't seem real
with a glass in hand I know where I stand
but not really sure how I feel

one can only assume as we go round the room
this has all been arranged just so
I paid my respect and it had it's effect
so I left and I let my mind go

wasn't easy for you it was hard on me too
tough to know how best to go about it
when no sign points there with no signs anywhere
it's nothing if not easy to doubt it

we should all be so blessed having given our best
to be around to continue to grow
I'll be remembering you just as you want me to
and you can bet that I'll let my mind go

 — Life With Others (Part I)