her father all those years ago
they called him the Kentucky Wonder
one day the ceiling fell down
and the floor came out from under

we're in this together
she said it's our love to restore
she could not bring herself to do it
I loved her 'til the day I didn't recognize her anymore

she dressed up sharp as mustard
Euro-discos drive all sad thoughts away
people buy handbags and people go to bars
for all the reasons they do and do not say

anyone can change their mind
we give away the clothes we outgrow
if I'm loving you I'm loving you now
I can't be loving you years ago

young man sees a shiny thing
sees it glittering
he sees beauty

you see what you want to see
you can and you will
a heart is a deep deep well
and a hole that can never be filled

she said something about infinity
she said something about no time at all
she picked up the hourglass
and left a line of sand behind as she walked down the hall

 — Life With Others (Part I)