I hear that he's coming
I hear that it's true
I heard it from someone
wasn't you

god knows what he'll look for
god knows what he'll see
god knows when he gets here
he's gonna recognize me

can't wait to see you
god it's been years
we'll have to catch up
over beers

I betcha if she still works there
she'll get us in for free
worth a try
see if she recognize me

I made it my mission
I was running a hustle
what didn't come easily
built muscle

she said she spent the night
with the man I used to be
take a look at her now
you're gonna recognize me

I'm chasing the record I'm racing the clock
train ain't coming it's the bus or walk
could be we were made differently
could be we're the same he's gonna recognize me

I hear that he's coming
I hear it's this time for real
I barely been up yet
haven't eaten my oatmeal

you say there must be someone
who'll take you seriously
come on don't make me laugh
he's gonna recognize me

ten percent freedom
one percent milk
an industrial lumber strength
pile of grade A silk

I'm gonna build my son
a house in a tree
from my memory
see if you recognize me

two red brake lights
two tan gloves
two missing teeth
two turtle doves

honey 'tis the season
of the bumble bee
black and yellow...
the better to recognize me

a holiday weekend
an extra day
anyone with any money
has already gone away

what a wonderful town
when you got nowhere to be
I'm out looking around
he's gonna recognize me

I hear that he's coming
I doubt if he will
I bet he's been busy
probably busy still

I hear what you're saying
I just don't agree
the daylight in the details
he's gonna recognize me