last words she said to me
your love is like a stone on my back
my friends don't like you at all
I don't want to pick up when you call

best advice I ever heard
don't say anything you can't take back
I broke a hotel pay phone put my hand through the bathroom wall
how many years and you don't know me at all

my success could be yours
but you're jealous and you blame me
your behavior I cannot condone
I need a lover who knows when to leave me alone

she used to say you're so sensitive
I swear it's like living with a woman
you don't have confidence just hollow boasts
why do you make me feel so bad if I'm the one you love the most?

I don't watch people in restaurants
she is amused by everyone
she listens to their conversations recites their exchanges
how did I end up with someone who doesn't know how to have fun?

she's not around anymore
I'm somewhere else too
I'm cautiously optimistic I weigh my options then I decide
I don't annoy myself I'm halfway satisfied