this town needs
some quality control
what this town needs
you don't find just anywhere

I passed her on the roadside
back about a quarter mile
when did being stand-up
go out of style?

the world is stupid
got everything backwards
there's someone I used to know
I don't talk to anymore

you your brother and your mama too
I was good to all of you
your last words will be
the same old bitching

'bout how your daddy's cold cold heart
made you loose at the stitching

this time really sell it
it gets better every time you tell it

lost in the wilderness
I should've stayed put
wouldn't know the North Star
if it fell on my foot

under these conditions
I can't tell the difference
between a red umbrella
and a bouquet of roses

I'm from another time
I may never get back

she's got a photograph
of Pablo Picasso with his shirt off
she's trying to get genius
by hoping it will rub off

I'll tell you just what she became
a sucker for a one-syllable name

 — Life With Others (Part I)