I was watching this movie and I had to pay attention
'cause everyone was speaking French
a man and a woman they were standing in a doorway
they asked very plainly for what they wanted

and I thought of you how you led me to believe
things were one way when they were another
you were not straight with me you did as you pleased
I did things for you when I didn't want to

I've got this one friend she calls herself a warhorse of love
we stay up late talking
she's got an old record player in a room lit by candles
she says it's not easy for anyone

I know it's not gonna happen but if for some reason
we pass each other in the street
if I am walking by myself or with someone else
just let me go where I am going

I read a poem a man wrote not long ago
he said it happens at least once to everyone
he also said knowing that doesn't make much difference

he said a lot of people think they're surviving
they think they're really making it through
when all they're doing is simply becoming hard

I don't want to make other people pay
they have their own things they're going through
they don't have anything to do with you
I don't wish the same pain on you what good would it do?
it wouldn't change anything for me

the longer I'm here the more I see
there's people of all kinds
I just never thought I'd have to worry about you

 — Can't Reason Through Love