someday should you stand beside me
spare me what was wanted and was
half of the time I go on without you
it don’t make no difference but the rest sure does

you reassured me of my good intentions
how deserving of a lover's best
when it was that in you and tears that drew me
your mind awake me sound asleep on your chest

how things have changed, how I see things different
now that I can finally respect myself again
you left me breathless you cut through like diamonds
blew back the fog in the minds of madmen

you will not find me in a world of favors
this is my place much as it is yours
here walls are thin, here floors are wooden
you're gonna hear my boots before my key's in the door

I read aloud so to let you safely drift first
and wake to find you folded in the dark
giving credence to a pain with no place
you brought my world down with a strength to mark

I lost the faith I had in a hope for your health
in a life appropriately disheveled
still these feelings carry weight and wonder
and somehow everything has leveled

 — Can't Reason Through Love