drop the keys to the black Corvette in the casket
she's dodging late night trucks cleaning up the Gennaro Parade
they've put away the Chinatown diamonds
she's drinking from a plastic jug of sand on a traffic barricade

the sound of a single car driving
at the mouth of the bridge he's in the high beams
he wipes up the blood with her bed sheet
saying I don't apologize for my extremes

she'd pour some milk in a hubcap
and spend all night waiting for the kitten to come out
she pulled muscle from bone trying to loose him
from the unnecessary he could not live without

she went snooping around and found his handgun
and they lined up some cans on a rock wall in a field
he said if those Ocala rednecks track us down
make yourself as small as you can and use me as a shield

he parked and pulled the keys out
and they sat in that car 'til she thought they both would cook
he said all the scrap copper in the world
won't do you any good once they've dug in their hooks

she said last night in her dream
he cupped her in his hands like a hummingbird
she grabbed his face hard
and said tell me what you want but he would not say a word

 — Life With Others (Part II)