I just moved into a new place
in the middle of town
I shaved the hair off my face
and I washed my sheets down

got up and got myself a cup
to fight back the sleep
and I stepped outside for a smoke
to fight back the dream

I mopped clean the wood floor
giving in the time that it took
I started leaving my shoes by the door
and hanging up my keys on the hook

everything’s got its place
everything’s got to be clean
I’m either busy or board
but my place stays somewhere in-between

I found a scene downtown
that doesn’t seem to mind having me around
they’re not the greatest in the world
they’re just the best I’ve found

I’m saving money on the side
it’s not as hard as you’d think
we all want something put away
just in case

she said it’d been too long
so she called to see how I’d grown
she sounded healthy and strong
but she was probably just feeling alone

I guess it has been a few years
since she cut me that deep with her laughter
it was just so easy listening to her voice
and it was so hard falling asleep after

it ain’t always cut and dry
like we want it to be
it ain’t always easy to accept
the time and place that we’re living in

I’m sick and tired of having to defend
every move I make
when we’re just gonna shed it in the end
what can’t be shaken

 — Allegheny Morning Sky